Friday, January 24, 2014

Book Release: The Yogic Gospel of Thomas

Was Jesus actually an enlightened Master belonging to a Shiva-centric sect of Indian mystics? The Yogic Gospel of Thomas sheds new light onto this question by considering alternate accounts of Jesus’ lost years and exploring the philosophical common ground between the Gospel of Thomas and the yogic mysticism of India, particularly Kashmir Shaivism. Of note are the blatant references to concrete symbols belonging to Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), such as the five trees of Lord Indra’s garden paradise and the iconic Nataraj (Dancing Shiva), as well as the more subtle components of these secret sayings of Jesus that only a fellow mystic would notice. Inner lights, sounds, equanimity, Divine peace, the Guru-disciple relationship, and self-knowledge are all addressed. What was formerly hidden in plain sight is turned over and examined from every angle. 

The Yogic Gospel of Thomas is unique because it is written by someone who not only studies and is knowledgeable in the relevant sets of conceptual frameworks and philosophical disciplines, but who also lives the practice associated with them, who has had the inner experiences that breathed life into these ancient teachings in the first place, and who is connected to (and can connect you to) a tradition that is still alive and well today; a modern analogue to precisely what Jesus represented in Judea and India over 2,000 years ago. As much as it is interesting brain food, The Yogic Gospel of Thomas is equally, if not more so, a practicum and a lifeline. May it serve you well.

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